MEGAWASTE, Ltd, Opletalova 1603/57, 110 00 Praha 1:


Business Premises Hodonín - Hodonín, Na Dole 3973/1, 695 01 Hodonín
Treatment of Waste and Hazardous Waste

  • Collection of communal waste, separated waste from companies, entrepreneurs and municipalities, including the lease and sale of waste containers
  • Container and tank transport of all kinds of waste, ADR certified
  • Separation of waste, waste recycling
  • Sale of secondary raw material
  • Liquidation of accidents
  • Ecological service for gas stations
  • Cleaning of:
    • cesspools, tanks, septic tanks
    • Grease interceptors
    • sewage up to a diameter of 1000 mm
    • petroleum material separators
    • sewer monitoring using sewer cameras
  • Services in the field of waste management:
    • Record keeping on produced waste, including the drafting of required reports
    • Air protection – drafting of the annual environmental disclosure – calculation of fees
    • Complex ecological service for gas stations, advisory services in the field of ecology (chemical materials, packaging law)
    • waste manager + security advisor according to law no.111, § 3
    • taking over the responsibility for a company’s complex waste management
    • Represenation of companies during inspections by government authorities
    • Completion of the missing documentation in the field of waste and air waste treatment, water management
    • Regular trainings of authorized employees on the new norms and regulations in the field of waste, air waste and water management
    • Participation in the process of equipping waste collection yards


Business Premises Dubňany - Důbkové loučky

  • Collection site for inert waste (construction and demilition waste, category other – concrete, bricks, roofing tiles, soil, mixed construction and demolition waste). This service includes the lease and transport of a high-capacity containter.

MEGAWASTE-communal service, Ltd


MEGAWASTE-communal service – a subsidiary company, founded in October 2000 as MEGAWASTE-communal service, Ltd., Rohatec:






  • Treatment of waste and hazardous waste
    • Collection of communal waste, separated waste, operation of a waste collection yard in the Rohatec Municipality
    • Collection of communal waste from companies and citizens, including the lease of waste containers
    • Container transport of all types of waste
    • Waste separation
    • Sale of secondary raw material

Prostějov Incinerator


MEGAWASTE-EKOTERM – subsidiary compay, founded in October 2000 as MEGAWASTE-EKOTERM, Ltd., Prostějov

  • Waste incinerator
  • Thermic liquidation of all types of waste
  • Transport of haardous waste with ADR vehicles
  • Operation of Glashouses with a total area of 0,75 ha and use of waste heat for vegetable growing